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What College Taught Us About Microlearning

Posted by Dan Cox on Jan 3, 2018 10:00:00 AM
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Some of us come away from college wondering, “What did I really learn?”

Later in life, we came to understand that there we many lessons learned in college that we benefits us in many ways (and, I do not mean staying away from keggers.)

Unbeknownst to us college academians, we came to understand the value of micro-learning. It wasn’t called that when I went to college (yes, kids, they had college, pen and paper, even automobiles when I went to college). My son, who just graduated from law school practiced the same successful micro-learning activities that I did. What did he do. . . .?

After spending hours listening to a professor drone on for hours in a lecture hall of dozens, or even hundreds, of students, (keeping our eyes propped up with toothpicks), we left with our notes and dull heads. Class after class, day after day.

Learning When It Counts

But when it really counted (mid-term time), we panicked and realized, “I better really learn this stuff!” Or, “at least, remember it enough for the short-term task of regurgitating it back out for the test, then forgetting it, once again!”

So, we formed our study groups to prep each other on the key points. We highlighted necessary things to know. We focused not on all the minutia, but on what is important.

We met one-on-one with classmates to get answers to specific questions (especially if she was cute). Further, we wrote memorization cards. At many colleges, we could actually purchase class notes for the popular courses that captured the most important items that another student (a smart one) thought were important.

We loved some that was abbreviated in crunch time. . .  Something that we could quickly review, study, memorize and prep us for the moment before we walked into that test classroom.

Microlearning in Business

In the career world, we walk into the test classroom all the time. The meeting with the boss. The key presentation for a large group of people. Adjusting to the dynamics of a difficult co-worker. Test after test, day after day.

So, we have always needed micro-learning. We are just fortunate that today, we can have it delivered to our cell phone. We don’t have to schedule a meeting with a fellow classmate; or form a study group. We have it 24X7, immediately, by some of the smartest, most experienced people in the world.

AthenaOnline has some classmates who are really really smart! And, I like they are always there . . . ready to help me get through each career test.

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